Oregon Standoff

Regardless of what your viewpoint on the Oregon standoff is, The Oregonian is the best place for a daily update on the latest situation. It seems most of the mass media is growing weary of the story, as our we as locals. However, I do believe it is best to stay informed on the situation as it develops. Many people don’t fully understand what is driving this, how it has developed, and what is the end-game. And to a large degree, I consider myself part of this group. I’m not sure how we went form discussing grazing on government lands to people taking federal buildings with weapons and equipped with tactical vests and chest rigs. To me, that doesn’t signify a group that is willing to negotiate, and it is an odd line in the sand to take an unmanned building as a response to alleged wrongs. In any event, this seems like a no-win situation, and it is my huge hope that everyone stays safe.

Common Core

As you guessed by the name I picked up for my blog, I’m not a fan of the idea of a common core. At the risk of oversimplifying, I don’t think people outside the area are the best way to standardize what children are taught in school. As a teacher, I think there are tons of flaws in what is being proposed, and I would be remiss if I didn’t make a plea asking my readers to educate themselves on the issue and consider the consequences. Here are some great articles about the history of the common core and what the current initiatives are trying to accomplish.

Article in Favor of Common Core – National Review – Truth about Common Core

Article Opposed to Common Core – Rage Against the Common Core

Thank you for reading!